Ludum Dare April 2005, Lightstream 48 Post Mortem

Tools used



For my 4th participation in a Ludum Dare contest the theme was "Light&Darkness". My goal was to make a puzzle game that would be fun to play using 3D graphics and a tile-based "engine".

What went wrong

What went right


I managed to finish my game even though for a while I thought that was going to be impossible. If I compare with my previous ld48 game (Ring48: a racer in a ring shaped track), I've done a better gameplay and I have managed animated characters. While Ring48 had a "wow factor" due to the lucky idea of the ring its gameplay didn't work well). However this time I didn't have time for sound. Still I think it's an improvement.
I had a lot of fun doing this compo and I'm looking forward to the next time.